Silver Jubilee 1977

The summer of punk - when the sex pistols upset the establishment and got barred from just about every venue in the country, including plymouth.

6 décembre : Leeds (avec Clash et The Heartbreakers)
9 décembre : Manchester (avec Clash, The Heartbreakers et The Buzzcocks)
10 décembre : Preston (avec Clash, The Heartbreakers et The Buzzcocks)
19 décembre : Manchester (avec Clash, The Heartbreakers et The Buzzcocks)
21 décembre : Plymouth (avec Clash, The Heartbreakers et The Buzzcocks)
22 décembre : Plymouth (avec Clash, The Heartbreakers et The Buzzcocks)

I was oblivious to all that. I was happy to have my silver Jubilee mug and coin (still have the coin today) - the first time i'd seen street parties - although i'm pretty sure i never went to the one in our street - not sure why though i don;t think my parents were good royalists. But to kid a party is just a party - jelly, icecream, cakes, crisps and other kids to run around with.

We went to Windsor for our holiday - a campsite outside Bagshot - with trips into London. I'd never been to London before and didn;t realise that so many people lived there. I had my I Spy book of cars

I'd been working my way through the I Spy series. Being in London meant I spotted a lot of expensive and new cars that I would never have got in Plymouth. I made the observation at the time that there were loads of Rolls Royces and Bentleys in North London but as soon as you went south there were none. By the late 80s this had reversed. Rolls Royces had lost currency among the elite, and presumably their used cars had been sold on to the aspiring tycoons of south London - Rolls royces were on sale at New Cross - the capital of dodgy second hand car dealers - and it appeared that Asian shop owners in south east London were mainly motivated by their desire for one of these vehicles. They abounded in south London wheras in North London you were much more likely to see Porsches, Lotus, Lamborgini, etc. north of the river, especially with the stock market boom going on, before black (monday?).

My recollection is pretty hazy - remember being at Tower Bridge and a couple of Americans being next to us and I think I said somehting like "Mum, they're american aren't they?" which embarrassed my parents - I remember my mum using a word I didn't know the meaning of - to describe me - to this day I've no idea what she said.

I remember going through slough station on a train....more than once.

Parents bought me a silver jubilee matchbox bus which i still own today.

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